Student event

We are planning a get-together for PhD students and experienced scholars of the cognitive linguistic community on Tuesday evening (6:30pm) in Room 23.21.U1.44 (89) [where Session 6 takes place].  We are delighted to host some distinguished experts from different subfields of the area of cognitive linguistics, to answer the questions you always wanted to ask them and to discuss with us.

Ewa Dabrowska, Martin Hilpert, Laura A. Janda, Kyoko Ohara, Tiago Torrent, Mark Turner  and Bodo Winter kindly accepted our invitations for this evening.

The event will be split in two parts: The first part will be all reserved for you asking your questions about the invited scholars research or also pitching your PhD-project to them in a personal conversation. In the second part we want to continue our conversations in a more casual and informal setting, we will head towards the city center to grab some drinks and or snacks. Speaking of food: we will have catering to enable even more linguistics chatter after a full conference day already.

If you want to participate, please register here until July 24. [REGISTRATION CLOSED]

We hope to meet many of you on Tuesday evening! If you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact the organizing team:

Nina Böbel (,
Phillip Neumair ( &
Lena Schnee (