On this site, we have collected answers to some important questions regarding the conference.

Where will the conference take place?

In all likelihood, the conference will take place on the campus of HHU Düsseldorf, in building 23.01.

How high will the conference fees be?

We expect that the conference fee will be in the ballpark of 200 Euros, with substantial reductions for (PhD) students, participants without or with a low income, and participants from low-income countries, and slightly higher for late registration. Given the current inflation, we cannot rule out the possibility that the fees will be higher than at previous ICLCs, but of course we will do our best to organize the conference as cost-efficiently as possible.

Will there be an option to participate remotely?

ICLC16 will primarily take place as an in-person conference. However, we are aware that there are circumstances that might prevent participants from attending in person, so please get in touch if you would like to participate remotely. For a variety of reasons, we cannot guarantee that there will be remote participation options for all conference sessions, but we will do our best to make the conference as inclusive as possible.

Do I have to become an ICLA member to attend the conference?

No. However, members will benefit from a lower conference fee, so we strongly encourage members to become ICLA members. See the ICLA website for more information.

Why is the conference going to take place in August this time? And why does it take place in the middle of the summer holiday season?

ICLC usually takes place in mid-July, but during that time, the lecture period in Germany is still in full swing, so it wouldn’t have been possible to use the rooms on the campus. In this case, we would have had to rent external rooms, which would have resulted in much higher conference fees. But we also wanted ICLC16 to take place before the lecture period starts again in large parts of the world, which is why we opted for early August.

Where should I stay?

There are many accommodation options in Düsseldorf. The campus is in a district called Bilk, where we have made special arrangements with a few hotels. But the campus is also well-connected to the local public transport system, so you can also stay further away from the campus. For example, the main train station (Düsseldorf Hauptbahnhof), where you can find many large hotels, is a 15-minute tram ride or a 50-minute walk away from the campus.

If you are sensitive to heat, you might want to double-check if your accommodation has air conditioning when booking a room. Germany has experienced some very hot summers in recent years, but air conditioning is not as common (yet) as in other parts of the world.

What about accessibility?

All lecture halls are wheelchair-accessible. See here (“Building 23”) for a detailed description of the accessibility features of the rooms in which the conference is going to take place. If you need sign language interpreting, please get in touch with the organizers as soon as possible, and we will do our best to organize it.

Why does this FAQ look so eeriely familiar?

It is partly inspired by the FAQ of the previous ICLC in Nishinomyia, Japan, as well as earlier ICLCs. This is a good opportunity to thank the organizers of previous ICLCs as well as the ICLA board for their support in organizing the conference!