Getting to Düsseldorf

How to get to Düsseldorf

By train

Düsseldorf is well-connected to the national and international rail network. Even from the UK, Düsseldorf can be reached by train in just a few hours (the best connection from London to Düsseldorf currently takes 4 hours and 57 minutes). More information about train connections can be found at the website of the German railway company Deutsche Bahn.

Hint: For some, the new “Deutschland-Ticket” might be interesting. It costs 49 Euros and allows you to use virtually all means of public transport in all of Germany except for long-distance trains (the latter are called ICE, IC, or EC) for one month. For example, if you are travelling on a smaller budget and your plane goes to Frankfurt, you could travel from Frankfurt Airport to Düsseldorf (and, later, back again) using short-distance trains in a bit more than three and a half hours, and then you could use it to use public transport within Düsseldorf. But note that it is only available as a subscription, so don’t forget to cancel the subscription. See here for more information. If you only travel within Düsseldorf, however, the regular Rheinbahn tickets are probably the better option (especially the 48- and 24-hour tickets, which are recommended if you take more than three trips within 24 hours, or the “4er-Ticket” or “10er-Ticket”, which are valid for 4 or 10 rides in a non-specified timeframe).

By plane

Düsseldorf can also be easily reached by plane. You can fly directly to Düsseldorf Airport (DUS), which is Germany’s third-largest airport. Cologne-Bonn airport (CGN) is also just a short train ride away from Düsseldorf. Alternatively, you can fly to Frankfurt (FRA) and take a train to Düsseldorf, which takes less than one and a half hours if you take the fastest train connection. (Alternatively, you can take the train connection via Koblenz and Mainz, which takes about an hour longer but offers some breathtaking scenery along the way.)

By car

Of course you can also come to Düsseldorf by car – in the age of Google maps and navigation systems, there’s no need to give you any directions, but what might be a valuable hint is that there’s lots of free parking space at the campus. Click here for more information.